Mitigating Supply Constraints With Automated Ordering

How Muda Management deployed automated ordering bots to mitigate supply constraints.
January 3, 2023 by
Mitigating Supply Constraints With Automated Ordering
Muda Management



After missing hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue do to supply constraints, a liquor distributor turned to Muda Management for help. 

Current State

Our client was currently utilizing their staff to manually monitor inventory via supplier websites, but inventory is updated randomly 24/7. This was additionally pulling buyers away from their typical day to day responsibilities resulting in other challenges. 


Since this product is regulated by the government and in some states must be purchased through government websites, it was not possible to gain API access in this particular case. Muda leveraged advanced robotic process automation technology to visually automate multiple bots on local devices. The reason for this is to mitigate missing orders if a bot goes down, and ensure orders are placed as quickly as inventory is made available.


The solution resulted in staff gaining at least 10 hours back each week and our client was able to begin mitigated the hundreds of thousands of dollars lost due to supply constraints.

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